About Us

Who We Are

Friends of the Park is a not for profit 501 (C)3  volunteer group interested in beautifying parks and other public spaces in the Casselberry area.  Projects include tree plantings, park and shoreline clean-ups, beautification projects and other community efforts. Friends of the Park works closely with other organizations and hold events of their own within the community.  Run-Yak, "Get Outdoors Casselberry", illuminArt, and Earth-Fest to name some.  

What We Do

During both scheduled and special work events, volunteers plant trees, remove non native invasive plants, plant native species, pick-up litter, and clean up shorelines.  Friends of the park provides community service opportunities to many individuals and groups.  Since 1999, they have recorded more than 6,000 volunteers.      

A Letter From Our President


We invite you to take part of enhancing and protecting the natural environment of the Casselberry community.  As we further develop and help maintain our parks, neighborhoods and waterways, we will continue to partner with local businesses, residents, schools, civic groups and other volunteer organizations to beautify our City.  We encourage you to get involved by helping out at any of our upcoming projects.  Also, please let us know how Friends of the Park can help your organization. 

Colleen Hufford, -President of Friends of the Park 

Our Success


Utilty Box Wraps

Casselberry's Friends of the Park is committed in the beautification of our parks and open spaces and supports the arts in doing so.

The first utility wrap displaying the artwork of Elizabeth St.Hilaire of Longwood was installed last year.  Donations from Friends of the Park and Seminole Cultural Arts Council paid for the project along the "Seminole's Cultural Arts Corridor" on US17-92.

F.O.P is committed on funding 2 utility wraps along this corridor each year. For additional information on how you can help your city install a utility box wrap, contact the Seminole Cultural Arts Council for more information.



Friends of the Park partner's with other non for profit organizations to assist with their fundraising as well.

Earlier this year, Friends of the Park participated in Habitat for Humanity's of Seminole and Greater Apopka "Raise the Roof" costumed party which helps raise funds to help other's acheive the American Dream of home ownership.

FOP's table theme "Festive Floridian Flamingo's" garned a "Funniest" award at the event and also allowed the Habitat for Humanity to raise a record amount of donations for this event, Ever!


Trees in Parks

Cities and communities find the value of trees as an important element in recreation and park amenities.  Friends of the Park is scheduled to donate a certain number of trees in public parks in the city of Casselberry.

This one featured, is "Founder's Day' Tree, which honors the town founder Hibbard Casselberry.  A  plague was located underneath to honor the individuals who donated to the cause.

The tree was installed at Lake Concord and will serve the residents who enjoy the park, for decades to come.


Air Potato Raids

Each year, Seminole County's holds an "Air Potato Raid" in numerous parks of the county. Friends of the Park heads and assists the City of Casselberry with the event in town. 

These pesky noxious vine-like plants suffocate mature healthy trees in parks and conservation areas, leading to the decline of healthy canopy trees in open spaces.

Friends of the Park has collected thousands of pounds of the Air Potato's and has been featured in the news as always besting the other local groups. for collecting the largest amount.


Tree Farm

Education and outreach is an important element for Friends of the Park.  Our volunteer's manage a local "Tree Farm" which houses hundreds of trees, that are later given away for free to the public.

We teach residents where to plant, and how to care for trees early on, in the hopes they will educate other family members, and neighbors about the importance of trees.

To date, thousands of small trees have found a home in local residential area, public places, HOA's, wetlands and conservation areas.


Lake Clean-Up

Friends of the Park also assists in cleaning up local lakes and waterways.  To date, hundreds of pounds of debris have been removed from the Casselberry Chain of Lakes thanks to our volunteers.


Lake Shore Revegetation

Friends of the Park volunteers also assist the City of Casselberry with numerous public work projects that enhance our parks, lakes and open spaces.

Lake shore revegetation mitigates erosion control of our waterways, as well as create habitat for our feathered friends.  We educate our volunteers of the importance of our projects and how they enhance the environment and ecology.


Tree Talk

During Earthfest, we have professional Master Gardener's that teach the public how to plant trees, and the best place to plant them.  These Master Gardeners have been able to teach thousands on their techniques on how tree's add value to their property and public open spaces.



Once a year, City of Casselberry hosts, "Run-Yak", a competitive event which requires participants to run and kayak thru the Triplet Lake Chain.

Friends of the Park assists and promotes with this event, to encourage healthy lifestyles for residents.



In 2009, Friends of the Park, along with the City of Casselberry hosted it's first "Earth Day" event. Immediately the success of the event catapulted it to the largest Earth Day event in Seminole county and the 2nd largest in Central Florida.

The event attracts thousands of participants in the reigion and allows for 90-100 Earth friendly vendors to showcase their goods.

Throughout the day, environmental workshops that educate residents take place in the city hall chambers. Numerous kids activities take place to educate our future generations of the importance on keeping our planet healthy through numerous fun filled activities, while local artists showcase their recyclable art-work.

This year, "Earthfest" celebrates it's 10th anniversary and considered one of the largest fundraisers for Friends of the Park.


The Art House

Over 10 years ago, Friends of the Park participated in taking a local city bought property and turning it into what we now know as "The Art House", thanks to it's volunteers and generous donations of local companies such as Home Depot-Casselberry, we were able to turn a dated home, into one of Seminole County's cultural jewels.

Today, "The Art House", hosts numerous classes to regional residents, taught my professional artists, and hold monthly exhibits to showcase local talent.

The Art House has been featured in numerous media and news outlet's, as a go-to cultural destination in Seminole County.


Rotary Park

Friends of the Park, along with the Casselberry Rotary Club donated their time, volunteers, money and energy to upgrade a local park.  Numerous trees and shrubs were installed to update and beautiful a local passive park in the city of Casselberry.

Friends of the Park partner's with many other non-for profits in the hopes to improve local open spaces, while educating the public on the importance of their environment and their neighborhoods.


Pawmosa Park

Pawmose Park is the City of Casselberry's doggie oasis.  Located just west of US 17-92, the park consists of a naturally wooded environment for 4 legged friends to enjoy.

Friends of the Park has assisted the city in maintaining the doggie park, while adding elements to improve the park for visitors and their fur babies.



City of Casselberry hosts one of the first, lighted sculpture events in Central Florida.  For a month, many of the programmed pieces of sculpture found around Lake Concord are illiminated in this festive event open to the public.

Friends of the Park assist in this special event that highlights one of the most original concepts of night time entertainment in our public spaces.


Central Florida Top Brewer

One of Friends of the Parks larger events is the Central Florida Top Brewer event.  The event hosted at Lake Concord Park, invites brewers who must brew beer according to the ingredients they "picked" at random.

The event attracts over 30 local breweries from the Central Florida reigion, where hundreds of guests are able to sample their "competition" beer, along with their own house specialty beers.


Mile of Sculpture

Friends of the Park supports arts in the park.  Each year, we raise donations to purchase or sponsor artwork in the park.

This year, we have purchased a piece of sculpture which is yet to be named, which we are opening for the public in a contest to name it.


Corporate Volunteerism

Friends of the Park is usually contacted by businesses on projects they wish their employees could participate in.

According to the goals and objectives of said organization, Friends of the Park will offer projects that are suited to the objectives given.

To date, we have thousands of volunteer hours that have improved our open spaces and parkland.


Pocket Parks

We recognize the value that even in the smallest of spaces, can be turned into a tranquil spot for rest relaxation or recreation.

Friends of the Park has assisted the city of Casselberry is spotting areas of improvements, and thanks to donations have allowed us to improve public spaces for residents use.


Kayak Clinics

Local businesses such as Travel Country, help Friends of the Park throughout the year in teaching residents how to best take advantage of their parks and specially lakes.

Friends of the Park will host family events that encourage healthy living and healthy lifestyles stemming from passive recreation such as kayaking.


Fundraising Through Events

Theme parties are usually one method that volunteers for Friends of the Park are able to raise funds by hosting local events.

Spring Garden Party is one such event that allowed participants to enjoy the park in a festive traditional ways.


Public Service

Sometimes Friends of the Park volunteers must approach recreational needs in a more hollistic ways other than just planting trees and shrubs.

Our volunteers also took the opportunity in painting a local recreational facility (Secret Lake Park Recreational Center).


Butterfly Park

Education is an important asset Friends of the Park promotes to it's volunteer and residents.

With donations, Friends of the Park was able to replenish a local butterfly park  (Crystal Bowl Park) in the hopes of teaching neighbors the importance of bees and butterflies that promote a healthy environment.


Wine on Nine

One fundraising event took place at the Casselberry Golf Course where participants got to sample wine as they played the back 9 course.

This allowed the city to showcase it's newly acquired golf course to promote new players to participate.


Blueway Trail

Friends of the Park is supportive of the "Blueway Trail", which is composed of 5 interconnected lakes in the Triplet Lake Chain.  Residents are able to enjoy passive recreation an enjoy the vast open spaces and conservation areas found along the lake chain.

Yearly, Friends of the Park will host a lake clean-up project to maintain the quality of the blueways.